How I work ...

it is difficult to explain ... but to make it easier I do things in 4 hour time slots, priced at 60 pounds.

How much work can you do in four hours?

That depends! At first it is difficult learning a new clients environment. Therefore I ask you to pick three tasks and I will probably be able to do at least two of them. I will always aim to do one of them so that I deliver useful working software every day.

This works for several reasons - it keeps the costs manageable for a small business, there is no dead time while I work out what to do next or how to do it, I get thinking time off the job, it gives you, my client, time to look at what I have delivered and decide if you like it and if it was what you intended, a busy client may not be able to assess my work for a week, I may need to think about what I do next (and Google it too!)

There may be constraints in the working environment, for example - desk or computer not available on certain days due to part time working by other staff - the backups are done on a certain day during the day and the systems cannot be used or are very slow - the software environment may make it difficult and slow for me to work for example if say you have two versions of Access or Windows then I may have to translate my software to work in both environments.

I use agile software development and aim to deliver useful, working software every day, the challenge is to do it on the first day, in 4 hours!

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WhatsApp - 07958 525446