Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any question that I have not answered here then please mail me and I will answer it personally.

Could you send me an updated copy of your CV ?

Please mail me for a Word copy of my CV. You can look at my CV page

Can you supply two references ?

I can supply references when a job offer is made.

Do you do fixed price work ?

As a rule, no.

Do you work direct or through a recruitment agency ?

I do both. When I work direct for small businesses I would expect to work to my terms and conditions. I have worked directly for several small businesses for perhaps one or two days a month and found that the agile methodology is ideal for providing cost effective service on a budget for small businesses on an "odd job" basis. I have no minimum contract and welcome part time work one or two days a week. I aim to deliver working software from day one and continuously improve the deliverable. I use agile software methodology.

When are you available for contract work ?

I am always available for contract work if I can fit it in. Mail me at for up to date information

What rate are you willing to work for ?

Round about 25GBP per hour plus VAT

What sort of role will you consider ?

I will consider anything legal and non fattening !

However, customers will be looking for a fit to their required skills. Over the last few years I have worked as a programmer analyst which involves some program specification, some programming and some testing. During my career I have worked as Project Leader, Business Analyst, on HelpDesks, as a Systems Manager, DBA and Consultant. The market will decide!

I am open to contract work or permanent work ie PAYE contracts. In addition as you will see from my CV I only do Microsoft Access with Excel, SQL Server. I am not working on an agency contract at present but if the right requirement came along in the Midlands I would consider it - aiming to work on average 3 to 6 months in a year on site within commuting distance of B79 0NH. I also have a few direct clients that I work for intermittently. Hope this helps!

Where are you willing to work ?

The Midlands ie Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby, Coventry, Leicester within a 50 minute commute of B79 0NH according to Google Maps

When you work in the City where do you stay ?

At home. I travel on the train every day from Birmingham. On one occasion my commuting time was the same as people travelling to work from Ealing !

What are your skills ?

Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, Visual BASIC for Applications (VBA), SQL Server.

What other skills do you have ?

I could do Powerhouse on any platform. I could probably do COBOL on any platform, I have done COBOL on VMS and Data General AOS/VS. I have done BASIC, FORTRAN and Pascal on VMS and about 15 other flavours of BASIC at the last count including VB.NET. I am qualified as a Microsoft Certified Professional on Windows 95 and 98 and on SQL Server 2000 and have MCAD in VB.NET. Most recently I wrote a very simple Android Java app Cribbage Counter Have a look at my CV

Do you know anybody with your skills who is available ?

Mail me and I will answer directly. When I first heard this question I always thought it was a strange question to ask. As a contractor you move from one place to another and can not generally keep in touch with people you work with from one job to another. The only people fitting the bill are the people I am currently work with. Often I am the only one with my skills where I work. From an agency point of view it is definitely worth asking the question though. I have once or twice passed on leads to people who got the job eventually.

Do you have any examples of your work ?

I don't really go in for flashy software, to me the best software is easily understood and simple even if it may be long winded.

What is your address ?

The Hawthorns,
Hames Lane,
Newton Regis,
B79 0NH

Follow this House link to see a picture of where I live and see a map of where it is.

Do you hold a current UK Driving Licence ?

Yes. Clean too and I drive at 65 on motorways!

Marital Status ?

Married with two children.

How old are you ?

You are not allowed to ask that nowadays! My birthday is on 4th March.

What is your work telephone number ?

Please do not ring me at work. Email me on, I usually reply within 24 hours.

How do I get back to your front page ?

Click here.

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